Wasting Talent

Wasting Talent - Ryan Leone First we were given Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas, then Trainspotting, and now this –Wasting Talent. I must admit, after reading this book I wanted to check myself into rehab. Not only did it give me a contact high, but it stole my wallet and got my girlfriend pregnant before sneaking out the back door.
Written in a frenetic style, Wasting Talent delivers all the highs and lows of a bad coke binge. Gay skinheads, raver chicks, drug dealers, anti-government conspiracists, junkies, and degenerates of every flavor follow addict Damien Cantwell down the yellow brick road to insanity, while Pink Floyd plays full-tilt in the background.
Part psilocybin induced nightmare, part druggie survival guide, first time author Ryan Leone takes us on a definite trip down the rabbit hole. Exposing the reader to the raw depravity of drug addiction, all while maintaining a keen sense of humor. Who knew shoving ice cubes up someone’s ass while they overdose could be so funny? So do yourself a favor, tie your arm off, and spike a vein with –Wasting talent.