Last Exit To Brooklyn

Last Exit To Brooklyn - Hubert Selby Jr., Gilbert Sorrentino Anyone who knows me, knows that I am not easily shocked. But even I must admit, Hurbert Selby Jr.’s Last Exit to Brooklyn is like Bukowski on acid. More often than not, when writers try to tackle the unsavory aspects of the human condition, it comes off as cheap and affected. It takes a true wordsmith to nimbly navigate the putrid waters that can inhabit the human soul –Selby is one such writer. With the blunt frankness of a six o’clock news cast, he shines light on topics that make the average person squirm.
I can honestly say, I found many of the stories that make up, Last Exit; truly disturbing and haunting. They’re the kind that repeatedly replay in your mind whether you wish them to or not. Selby’s world is virtual Island of Dr. Moreau, inhabited by characters that are both perpetrators and victims, all at once: pimps, perverts, addicts, and mad men; devoid of any redeeming quality. This is man at his utmost baseness. A cold place where only the strongest survive. Prepare to observe an indifferent carnage, the likes of which, I have only witnessed in nature documentaries – pure savagery.
Squeamish beware, Selby’s Last Exit to Brooklyn, is a detour through Hell.
--Steven Eggleton, author of [b:Dry Heat|20912181|Dry Heat|Steven Eggleton||40277500]