Walkin' with the Beast

Walkin' with the Beast - Danny Valdez Walkin’ With the Beast, is without a doubt as gritty as a roadhouse floor. Set in the underbelly of Mesa, Az., I found Walkin’ With the Beast eerily familiar, as I’m certain many from Arizona would. The heat, the drugs, the guns, the violence and the madness. It’s part of our environment. A throwback to our Wild West origin, and Danny Valdez and his debut book embody every bit of it.
Through various vignettes, Valdez invites us on a rock-‘n’-roll road trip following him from boyhood to fully grown artist. A true literary outlaw, though his situation is often bleak, Valdez never gives way to melancholia. Instead he chooses to find the warmth and humor in his circumstances.
Somewhere far removed from the snobbery of Scottsdale and the academic halls of ASU, on the outskirts of town, sits a man in a trailer banging away on his typewriter. A mason jar of cold water by his side, a Lucky Strike dangling from his lips. Some say he is the heir to Bukowski, but I have to say –Bukowski never rock-‘n’-rolled like this.

-Steven Eggleton, author of [b:Dry Heat|20912181|Dry Heat|Steven Eggleton|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1393357780s/20912181.jpg|40277500]