The Poor Man's Guide to Suicide

The Poor Man's Guide to Suicide - Andrew Armacost To be or not to be, that is the question troubling Wesley Weimer. Part John Steinbeck, part Kevin Smith; The Poor Man’s Guide to Suicide is The Winter of Our Discontent for the quickly aging gen-X set. Humorous and richly realized, Andrew Armacost gives us an insightful glimpse into the sullen life of the divorced American male.
Full of acerbic wit, the writing is smooth and indicative of a writer at the top of his game. I look forward to what Armacost brings next. Pick up a copy of The Poor Man’s Guide to Suicide, an existential romp that dares to ask –is life always worth living?

-Steven Eggleton, author of [b:Dry Heat|20912181|Dry Heat|Steven Eggleton||40277500]